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    one thing i AM proud of is my eclectic music taste. sometimes i listen to an arctic monkeys album, but other times i’ll listen to a different arctic monkeys album. heck, sometimes i listen to unreleased demos or even acoustic versions of arctic monkeys songs. you just never know, with me. i’m a wildcard.

    Chaos Black Gameblack derp derp~ 


    alex keeps asking all these questions like geez someone answer him already


    Hello everyone!!! ^0^/) me and my friend Stephanie (at-panic-stati0n) are going to make an Arctic Monkeys fan book and if you reblog this post your url will be written in our book!!!!! (≧◡≦)/) 


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This is the first gif I made of The Strokes 

    This is the first gif I made of The Strokes 

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